Start a Team

To start a new quidditch team, you will need the following:

  • EQUIPMENT!  Here is a guide on what equipment you’ll need.
  • A grass field at least the size of a basketball court (alternatively an actual basketball court will do in a pinch)
  • Other people (at least 2 to practice, at least 6 to practice seriously, at least 12 to play a full game)

Some tips on recruitment:

  • To make attending practice easier, either set up a regular time that fits peoples’ schedules or keep in constant contact via making a facebook group or a group text that will help people plan when to practice
  • Practice in a public space to attract interest, and be friendly and welcoming to anyone who asks questions
  • Never take offense when people deride your sport as fake.  Always have a good attitude, people want to be around people with a good attitude
  • Coordinate with other teams and attend their practices if possible, and invite them to your practices as well, even if these are long drives they will be worth the effort to get some experience in your players.
  • If there is a college campus nearby, try to get college students involved, since the college will likely support a club formation if the students get into the sport.  Be warned, colleges are often judicious about where their money goes, so you may have to limit where you practice and what equipment you use if you are not all college students.