How To Join

If you want to join a quidditch program, there are lots of options and it depends on what’s around you!

  • Many college programs have quidditch teams.  Google your college and the word “quidditch” to see if anything comes up!
  • Many urban centers have community quidditch programs, google can help you there as well
  • Many countries have national quidditch programs that organize the players within that country and create a national representation team for the World Cup

Please note the following:

  • Many competitive leagues require being age 17+ or 18+.  Many quidditch organizations will also run Kidditch events for children under 18.
  • Not all cities and countries have quidditch programs, and some college programs are restricted from allowing non-students to participate so you may need to investigate starting your own team.
  • Some competitive teams will not take the time to teach you the game during their practice, please be patient and take the time to learn the game to their standards regardless of the athleticism and sports experience you bring to the game

With that said, here are the major quidditch organizations (also segregated by August-April and May-August programs).  These links lead directly to the team locaters where available.

There are also individual quidditch events open to anyone who wants to play, regardless of being on a team.

The primary mode of communication for most quidditch players and teams is facebook.  If you don’t have a facebook account, consider creating one just to see what’s out there!